Who’s Mark?

Easy steps to identify your lifes purpose

Mark Villarosa

Hi, my name’s Mark Villarosa, welcome to my website ‘Freedom To Be’.

If you landed here, I’m guessing you were intrigued, or inspired by one of my social media posts, or I asked you to visit…

Thanks for dropping in : )

I’m a big fan of positive thinking, personal self-development and the law of attraction. If you are too? you’re in the right place.

I’m also an introvert, musician, online entrepreneur and author of ‘Easy steps to identify your life’s purpose‘.

What I do

I started Freedom To Be to share my talents, experiences and skills to help others.

I also encourage and guide people to start and grow their own businesses using the interests, skills, talents and passions they already have.

I believe true self-fulfilment and freedom come from doing what we love to do and what makes us happy.

Mark Villarosa

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site, have a look around, I’ve got lots of blogs, videos and music!

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