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Hi! my name’s Mark Villarosa. Thanks for finding out more about me and visiting my page ‘Freedom To Be’.

I was born in the Philippines, My family and I moved to the UK when I was young and we’ve lived here for many years now; I presently live and work in London.

This is me and my partner during a visit to the seaside, one of the things we love to do. Hopefully, we’ll do more travelling abroad when things are calmer post-covid.

My professional background is in corporate sales and business development which I’ve been doing for over 20 years.

Being an artistic and creative person at heart, I was never really passionate about being in the corporate world. It was purely a means to make a living.

I wasn’t interested in climbing up the corporate ladder either. Because although it brought more money it also brought more stress and less time to do the things that really made me happy.

I realised I was feeling unfulfilled just working day to day for a paycheck at the end of each month without any real passion for what I was doing.

I needed something to change. I didn’t want to be stuck in a rut of my own making while life passed me by.

What I wanted was time, financial and geographical freedom to fully experience what I was really passionate about – travelling & playing music.

How I got started with my online business

One day I was watching videos on YouTube when I stumbled across a guy called Stuart who was offering a Free Video Training Series.

He was offering to show me how to set up a business with my laptop and run it anywhere in the world and also how to create income streams from the things I was interested in and passionate about.

I was very intrigued.

Did I think it was a scam? tbh, I wasn’t sure at the time but since he was offering the video guidance for free, I felt I had nothing to lose so I checked it out.

And I’m glad I did, Stuart is now my key trusted mentor, he’s also the co-founder of a global online community of entrepreneurs called the SFM or Six Figure Mentors which I’m now a part of.

The video training Stuart provided and the SFM community have changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true.

Learning how to start and grow an online business was by far the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I have more energy and excitement than ever because I have the training, education, tools and community support to build a business and lifestyle aligned with who I really am.

It’s been an inspiring journey so far and I’ve seen positive results happen in all areas of my life. Achieving financial, time and geographical freedom is no longer just a dream but a reality within reach.

How can I help you?…

I’d like to invite you to start by watching the same video training I learned from. There’s no cost to check it out but do it with an open mind.

If you’re open to learning new things…

Then I’d be very happy to help and guide you on your online business journey too.

There’s no scam or get rich quick promises here!

What you’ll get is exactly what I’ve described, a free video training series that will give you the tools, systems, education and strategies to build an online business and create a lifestyle around your interests & passions in life whatever they may be.

If you’re feeling unfulfilled with your current situation, maybe even tired and fed up with what you’re doing now and looking for a change? then this could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to create an income in a way you may not have thought possible before.

You can only know if you check it out. If you sign up and find it’s not what you’re searching for? you can unsubscribe anytime. No hard feelings.

But if you get real, solid value and even enjoy the videos, then that’s a really great start and we can take it from there👍

Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

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