Hi, my name’s Mark Villarosa. I’m a music and travel lover, introvert and online entrepreneur based in the UK. Welcome to my website ‘Freedom To Be’.

If you landed here, I’m guessing you were intrigued, or inspired by one of my social media posts or videos.

What I do

I enjoy spreading positivity. I also do my best to encourage, guide and inspire people🔥to be who they dream to be.

So many people today are feeling stressed and trapped in jobs, trading their time for money, sidelining their dreams.

I’m on a mission to help people who want to break OUT of that system. One of the ways I believe people can do that is by learning to start and grow their own business.

I got started as an online entrepreneur because I wanted freedom from my 9-5 job in sales to do the things I really love like playing my music…

Mark Villarosa

And travelling with my partner Claire.

lunch by the beach
Mark Villarosa

I wanted to have control of my own time to enjoy life,

Mark Villarosa

And I couldn’t do that fighting through traffic to get to work, tied to a desk 8 hours a day. That’s not my idea of freedom.


Gallup, a global advisory firm, reported 85% of people surveyed in 200 countries felt unfulfilled in their jobs.

If that’s you right now, what’s your Plan B?

Maybe you’ve thought about starting your own business so you can create time and financial independence, but you’re not sure how to start, or even what to start.

You’ve probably also seen LOTS of ads online with big claims to make you rich quickly.

Let me tell you something, you also already know…

There is no get-rich-quick formula that exists, that will ever replace acquiring good solid skills & knowledge, combined with steady hard work to achieve long-term success.

So how can I help you?…

Mark Villarosa

To start off, let me send you the exact same ‘training videos’ I learned from, at NO cost to you.

You can watch these videos on any device (phone or laptop) as often as you want.

What you’re going to learn in these videos, is legitimate, up-to-date online marketing skills that will enable you to,

🔵Generate passive income from your own interests and passions

🔵Sell physical products profitably on powerhouses like Amazon and eBay

🔵Discover your purpose, provide value to others, and earn from what you love to do

If you find value from these training videos you can keep them.

You don’t need IT skills to start your own online business; you just need a laptop and wifi.

Let me show you how.

Sign up below and I’ll send you the first training video instantly.

Mark Villarosa

Learn the online skills to start a business you love.