How to Overcome Fearing You Haven’t Achieved Much in Life Yet

Interestingly, this feeling can strike at any age. I remember feeling “old” when I turned 16 and then again at 25!

My friends and I jokingly referred to this feeling of dread and fear in our mid-20s as a “pre-mid-life crisis” crisis.

I think when you get to a certain point in your adult life it becomes natural to think of things like What your life has meant, What you’ve achieved and done so far, and also What’s next?

Person looking into the Beyond

Sometimes, getting older can also bring feelings…of fear.

Have you felt that in your life? Don’t worry, that’s ok…

Your fear is not unfounded. It can be a scary thing to contemplate the unknown.

For me, what has helped me to deal with, live with, manage and overcome feelings of fear is one word, which I believe is a very powerful word…


We are built to feel fear

As human beings, we’re built to feel fear. In many cases it’s actually a very useful thing, it makes us err on the side of caution, it helps us judge a situation where there may be danger, it can even excite us and be fun (like a roller coaster ride at a funfair).

However, where it becomes unhealthy is when that feeling of fear follows us and lives with us constantly in our minds and hearts.

When that happens it’s not helping anymore it’s hindering us from living a full, complete and joyful life.

4 Steps to Overcoming the Fear

  • Start with Acceptance. There has to be a genuine acceptance of where you are in your life right now. Do it gently, and gradually – however you do it will be up to you – but that “positive acceptance” has to happen first. Only after you’ve done that, can you move on to the next steps.
  • Gratitude – If you’ve managed to accept your current situation, you can now shift the focus towards looking for things to be grateful for. There are plenty. Don’t dwell on fear, regret or loss, instead – celebrate ABUNDANCE by focusing on the things that bring you happiness right now. Could be anything from having a roof over your head to enjoying a cup of your favourite drink at the moment : )
  • Find a sense of “Purpose” – think of a project you can devote yourself to. A cause, a movement a charity, a small business. Or…maybe you can (finally) get moving in your spare time on something you’ve put off for a long time. Loved creative writing? Get that first paragraph written. Loved drawing? Buy a sketchpad and start doodling.

A sense of purpose will give you something positive to focus on, look forward to and keep you focused on the future in a new, fresh and exciting way.

  • And last but not least…is the step that binds all the above together. It’s this: Be Present in the Now. Live in the Now.

The best way to live a happy existence is to adopt a state of mind, where you are present when it matters most: Right Now.

Enjoy the journey!


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

My name is Mark Villarosa. I’m a music artist & online entrepreneur.

I’m on a mission to inspire people to follow their passion by starting a business around what they love.

3 Replies to “How to Overcome Fearing You Haven’t Achieved Much in Life Yet”

  1. It’s a sure thing that all of at some stage will have to face and accept and move forward in life … as a women I’m now embarking on a new chapter, turning the page as my body is in transition …it’s real ..
    And it’s scary … “ when did this all happen!!!!! “

    But it ok …after a little anxiety and fear comes acceptance .. it wasn’t easy and it made me very angry for a while …. I’m embracing what’s new about myself and that was “ its ok to feel selfish phase “

    I’m allowed to …I’m 48… I look good.
    I’m a lucky women …. I’m ok… more then ok. “ I got this “

    And then “calm” set in.
    I’m happy.

    It’s a lovely feeling … being calm and peaceful.

    Be present.
    Be in the now

    Lisa ❤️

    1. Hi Lisa, I love how you describe your journey, overcoming your fears and embracing and celebrating who you are now – it was wonderful to read. Thanks for commenting : )

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