5 Ways to Allow Abundance to Flow into Your Life

You’re probably familiar with this famous saying: “It’s better to give than to receive”

Most of us are taught from a very young age to share with others and to be kind and generous to those less fortunate. As an adult, you may have even volunteered your time and given money to charitable causes helping those who are in need.

These are all worthy and noble actions. But an equally worthy and noble action is one that most people overlook, and that is the ability to “receive” with grace and gratitude.

The two (giving and receiving) form an integral union, a yin yang , a circle of completion through which the universe is allowed to flow freely towards you.

People instinctively know how to give, but it’s surprising how many of us don’t know how to receive.

Nature masterfully shows us the incredibly simple and beautiful way this is done.

Consider your breathing. Every breath that flows from your body is made up of inhaling and exhaling. You take in oxygen…and you breathe out carbon monoxide.

Plants – take in carbon monoxide…and produce oxygen.

Our giving is their receiving. And their giving is our receiving. The dynamic exists in perfect harmony as long as this transaction is fulfilled. This is a law of nature.

So when we ask for what we want, the universe can only send it to us if our hearts are open and expectant to receive. You can’t expect abundance to flow at its fullest capacity through a tiny opening and it cannot flow at all, into one that is closed.

Here are some very simple things you can do to practice opening your heart and strengthening your ability to receive:

  1. Next time someone pays you a compliment, instead of dismissing the gesture or even questioning it – “bask” in the light and warmth of their compliment by receiving it and simply saying “Thank you”.
  2. If someone tries to Thank You, instead of batting it away and saying “Ah, it was nothing”, “Forget about it” or “Don’t worry about it” – receive the thanks and say “My Pleasure”, or “You’re very welcome”.
  3. Change the “meaning” of things you would have formerly considered “disappointing” or “frustrating” and now receive them as “gifts”. Didn’t get that dream job or promotion? Receive that as a blessing. Perhaps you weren’t ready yet? Or there’s a better one on its’ way at a time that’s perfectly right for you.
  4. If it starts raining? instead of seeing it as an irritation or bad weather to dread, receive it as a gift, a life-giving force of nature. Maybe even have fun with it, like kids do (like you used to, remember?) : )
  5. Be mindful to receive the many, many things you may have taken for granted that give beauty, order and direction to your life: The sun rise giving its light, warmth and majesty to inspire you;
Beautiful Sunrise

A job that gives you money to pay your bills; A heart that beats ceaselessly giving you life.

What else would you add to that list?

Place yourself into a state of “receptivity” by giving yourself permission to receive, and seek the gifts in all situations (even the negative ones) with a grateful heart – and you will open the door to a mighty torrent of abundance from a universe just waiting to unleash its blessings upon you.

Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

My name is Mark. I’m an artist, musician & online entrepreneur.

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