What is Affiliate Marketing? And How Can it Work for You?

If you’ve started reading this, it’s probably because you have an interest (or curiosity) in starting a web-based business for legitimate ways to make money online.

You’re not alone. Thousands of people have already created a lifestyle for themselves defying the traditional “day-job” arrangement of “trading time for money” being an employee, to actually being their own boss running an online business from home or anywhere in the world.

The question is: What is affiliate marketing? and is it for you?

Who’s it Good For?

Affiliate marketing is a great option for “newbies” and seasoned pros alike, but it’s an especially good start for people who are beginners because of its simplicity and the multiple possibilities and opportunities available.

How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing enables you to do things like publish ads to promote products and services you are personally recommending to others.

If you have your own website? great. If not? that’s ok as an “ad” could be something as simple as a social media post on your Facebook or Twitter profile.

What happens is that you get paid each time someone clicks on your ad and makes a purchase of the product and service you are recommending.

Why is it good for beginners?

For a start, coming up with your own range of products and services is a challenging, time-consuming, ENORMOUS task. Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage the track record of products that are already successful in the market, and all you are doing is endorsing it to people who might benefit from it as well.

This requires the bare minimum of effort to set up as you don’t need to worry about stock, delivery, customer service, having an office or employing staff.

7 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is worth checking out:

1. Low Start-Up Cost

Getting started with affiliate marketing programmes can be affordable; some are even free of charge. Credible sites like “Amazon” offer “associate programmes” where you can earn commissions by endorsing products and services you’ve personally used.

Running an online business in comparison to purchasing a physical franchise is a much less costlier investment with low to almost zero risk.

2. You only Promote Quality Products you Believe in

You don’t have to worry about the quality and the testing of the product you’ll be promoting. Companies with affiliate programmes have already gone through a beta-testing phase and honed their product through trial-and-error at their own expense.

The hard work has been done and the best buying market for each of the products and services has been identified and as a result, the chances of making money increases because all you now have to do, is promote it.

Of course having said that, it would be wise to do a bit of homework in checking out the reputation of the company you’re marketing for! and it does help, if you personally believe in the products and services you are endorsing.

3. You can do It on Your Own – from Home

You can easily join an affiliate marketing programme from home. There’s no need to hire staff or rent an office, in order to get started. This means you are geographically free to run your business wherever you choose, that could be from your living room, an internet cafe or on the beach (as long there’s wi fi!).

4. You don’t need to be a whizz at IT

You don’t need to have IT skills to get started. You know how to online shop right? that’s pretty much the basic principle you need to get started!

If you know your way around a computer, have decent internet access together with some basic online awareness. You’re well-equipped to start the ball rolling.

5. A Great Part-Time Project

This is something you can do alongside your current job. And because the business is based online, most of the processes can be “automated” which means you can leave your business to run on auto-pilot while you get on with other things (work, meetings, gym, looking after kids etc).

When you start to see and experience significant successes with your affiliate marketing efforts and find that your income matches or even surpasses your day job’s? would probably be the best time to consider doing affiliate marketing full time from home, giving you what many people dream of: Freedom.

6. Global Audience = Global Customers

The internet enables you to target a local and global audience. This is part of the beauty of affiliate marketing. Any individual (wherever they are in the world) who has an interest or need of the particular product or service you’re promoting is automatically your potential customer.

In terms of reaching an audience the WORLD is your market.

7. You can become Profitable Quicker than a Traditional Business

People who start with a traditional “bricks and mortar” business, developing and selling their own products and gaining momentum demand years of hard work and may also involve serious (financial) risks.

This is also why many new business owners and entrepreneurs give up (or go bust); Approximately 91% of new businesses fail within 5 years of starting.

The time to profitability with affiliate marketing tends to be shorter than traditional businesses because there’s no “start-up” collateral (products) to develop.

Your overheads will also be much lower because you won’t need premises or staff.

Look for a Culture of Support

Check if the affiliate programme provides training and community support for its members. If yes? that’s even better. The ones that look after their members are usually the ones that do very well.

When this is combined with a high quality product for you to promote, your ability to grow your customer-base increases exponentially as does achieving profitability sooner because of the support you will receive and the network of expertise you can tap into.

The World is Changing

Affiliate marketing is changing the way people do business. According to Forbes around 52% of new businesses are now home-based.

The new digital economy is pushing e-commerce opportunities ever-forward. Many first time self-made millionaires and multi-millionaires over the last five years have used affiliate marketing as a part of their strategy for wealth creation.

How to Get Started?

The affiliate market has many diverse “niches” to choose from. The key is to get involved with a service or product that you’re genuinely passionate about, by doing so it makes your potential for success that much more viable from the start!

Shop around and do a bit of research. Focus on the industries and the topics that you’re passionate about.

Are you into Health and Fitness? This industry is now estimated at being $4.2 Trillion. This is a massive market with people constantly searching for high quality products, training and coaching that correspond to their particular needs.

Is Personal Development your thing? The positive thinking and self-development community represents a huge global market estimated at around $11 Billion – filled with people voracious for quality products to improve and enhance their lives.

The opportunities are out there! You just need to “tap into” the niche that aligns with what you’re interested in.

Going through a respected site like Clickbank should help acquaint you with the affiliate marketing options available on the market and also who is offering affiliate marketing programmes for your particular “niche”.

Just sign up and see what the market has to offer, its free. Always look for the products you feel genuinely interested to promote.

Best Business Strategy: Be Genuine

You don’t have to buy everything you promote! but trying the product before giving it your endorsement is a good idea as it gives you natural credibility.

It will also make you more believable – people tend to know when someone is genuinely passionate about something. Having personally tried something that you genuinely vouch for will help make your promotional outreach more authentic, convincing and successful!

However, there’s nothing wrong in promoting a product you haven’t personally tried, as long as you’re honest about it.

My advice in that case, would be full transparency by making clear your endorsement is based on your “opinion” of the product, maybe share some positive testimonials & results provided by others (if available) to add credibility to your opinion.

Remember you’re not only promoting a product, you’re building a reputation for yourself as well.

If done right Affiliate Marketing could be a very exciting, personally rewarding, fulfilling and highly profitable business for you – based on simply promoting the things you already love and believe in.


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