How to Feel Powerful & Centred – INSTANTLY Part I

How are you today?

I hope you’re feeling good, centred and happy.

But the reality is…we won’t and can’t feel that way all the time. There will be days we may feel anxious, stressed out, fearful…even helpless.

If and when those days come let me share something with you that’s helped me IMMENSELY

They say when people feel depressed it’s because they’re “living” or re-living the  past, often in a regretful or painful way

And when people feel anxious, it’s usually because they’re projecting themselves into a future with trepidation & fear about things that haven’t happened yet

The key is to centre and anchor yourself in the “NOW”

Since the past is over and the future is yet to happen

The PRESENT is where your power is.

And that’s because anything and everything within your power is changeable and alterable


  • You can choose to move around.
  • You can choose to stay still.
  • You can choose to think good thoughts.
  • You can choose to think bad thoughts.
  • You can choose to say yes.
  • You can choose to say no.

Everything is a result of what you decide to do with your life…now.

Please remember no one (and that does mean NO ONE) has power over you and what you think on an ongoing basis, other than you.

One quick and sure-fire way I’ve used to centre and anchor myself in the present is to simply breathe…and focus on my breathing.

The key is to zone in and be vividly aware of your breathing, slow it down to a comfortable and natural rhythm…be aware of the sound of your breathing…

notice the feeling even the texture of the air that’s filling your lungs with life-giving oxygen

and when you breathe in…affirm good things and good thoughts and when you breathe out, imagine you are also exhaling anything and everything that doesn’t serve you or make you feel good.

Do this as long as you can…and as often as you need to.

Esp when you are experiencing difficult moments (large or small) in your life – remember you have an amazing and miraculous thing you can do and call upon (instantly) to help you 

Breathe : )

In my next post, I’ll share something else with you that’s helped me feel centred, strong and powerful instantly.

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Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

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