How to Feel Powerful & Centred INSTANTLY – Part II

So this is Part II of Feeling Powerful & Centred! 

If you missed Part I?…you can check it out here.

Then come back to this post. 

But if you’ve been good and read the first one? Then carry on reading! 

What I’m about to share with you is something I picked up at a recent event I attended and I  loved it so much I want you to benefit from it  as well.  

This is great for moments when you may need to steady yourself, if ever you feel unsettled or just need that extra boost of confidence & strength. 

I believe the term for it is “anchoring” which is when you use positive emotions or words to “trigger” positive emotions. What I’m about to show you uses that principle…but also something physical that takes it to another level :  ) 

This works with or without a physical object – but let’s start with an example that uses one. 

Find a chair, or table…put your hands on it, grip it if you can. Close your eyes, and breathe rhythmically focusing on your breathing to start with.  

Then as you continue breathing…start to also focus your attention to the grip you have on the chair… Notice the centeredness you feel as you draw strength from the chair and your grip And feel how it all roots you solidly in place.  

I actually didn’t use a chair when I did this!

But it still works perfectly well without one. What you would do, is close your eyes, focus on your breathing, just like I described above..

Except this time Instead of a chair…you would focus on your legs and feet and how connected and rooted they are to the ground. 

Imagine yourself drawing strength, certainty and power by simply using the natural earth beneath you. 

Let me know what you think and if this works out for you. Would love to hear from you!  


Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

2 Replies to “How to Feel Powerful & Centred INSTANTLY – Part II”

  1. Very good strategy Mark.. 🙂
    Looks like I missed some of your blog entries here, it may be because (I think) they were not linked with your Facebook page.
    The previous entry reminded me of yoga mental practice: while standing still you breathe in all good energy and then breathe out everything negative. And again and again. It helps so much as an ‘instant fix’, but when practiced more regularly it really gives amazing longer term results 🙂

    1. Thank you Sylwia! My blog posts appear usually after I send them to my Freedom To Be mailing list🙂. Thank you for your comment/s and following my posts here too!

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