9-5 is not freedom

Working 40+ hrs weekly is not freedom.
Watching the clock, for permission to leave work is not freedom.

Doesn’t matter how much they’re paying you.
That’s not living my friend.

Granted, one week goes smoothly.
Work is going well. Maybe you’re even having fun.
Life seems good.

The following week, fire & brimstone erupts. Demanding work hours. Overtime. Worrying about it on the weekends. Dreading Mondays.

The difference between those weeks?
Not much.

Your pay check stayed the same.

Your extra work volume didn’t factor in.
Your extra stress levels didn’t factor in.
How you felt didn’t factor in.

Doing it all over again (rain or shine)…at no additional cost to your company..

Do you see the problem here?

Trading Time for Money.

Bottom line: If you clock in and out to “physically” earn a salary? You have to continue turning up, to earn your salary. Because the moment you stop turning up, your salary stops too.

Life is a series of precious moments.

Precious moments you can never get back once they’re gone.

Would you trade the moment of your child’s birth?
Spending quality time with your kids while they’re young?
The smile on your face the day they graduate?

How much money would make it okay…to never experience those things?

Exactly. Those moments are priceless.

Now, you might be thinking. Ok, but we all need jobs for money to live?

Consider this…

When you say ‘live.’
Do you really mean ‘just get by?’

When you think about ‘job’ and ‘money.’
Do you relate those to ‘a company that controls how much you earn and when you earn it?’

Let me ask you something,
What IF there’s another way?…

What if that other way,
Is to be your own boss.

And what if the “how” is by:
Starting a business that doesn’t take all your time or energy.

Imagine this.

You’re on a beautiful beach
You’re enjoying the view while a warm ocean breeze blows.
The water is sparkling turquoise blue.

You check your online dashboard on your phone.
Find a half-dozen new sales that weren’t there a few hours ago.

Your bank account is rising as you watch the sun slowly set, while you contemplate which seaside restaurant you’ll have dinner at.

Is this truly possible?

A guy called Stuart Ross knows this well.

The first thing he did was stop Trading His time For money.
Then he mastered the art of Building an “Online Selling System” designed for People who hate “Hard-Selling” and “Cold Calling”.

To date Stuart has built one of the fastest growing private education companies in the world. Students in over 120 countries (there are only 196 countries).

He has helped 9 people make their ‘first million’ online in under two years and starting from scratch.

He helps hundreds of people (of all walks of life) every single month improve the quality of their lives by starting and growing an online business of their own.

With this “Online Selling System”:

✅There’s no need to hire staff.
✅No need to rent office space.
✅No physical inventory or stock.
✅No need to pick up the telephone to cold-call or sell.

Stuart’s made a 3-part Free video training series explaining it:

Free Video Training Series

The videos will tell-it-to-you-straight so “you” can figure out how you can best use this system to serve “you”.

✅ Are you ready for a change?
✅ Are you interested in starting or growing an online business you are personally passionate about?

If you answered yes to those questions?

I warmly encourage you to check out this free video series here.↓

Free Video Training Series

I’ll see you on the other side!


Mark Villarosa _ Digital Entrepreneur

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