The Rise and Fail of 2 Ordinary Blokes

This is the story of 2 ambitious blokes who were looking for a change and an improvement in their lives and were searching for a way to achieve that.

One of them was an accountant. The other was a freelance online consultant.

Although they lived in separate parts of the world they both happened upon an online business opportunity at almost exactly the same time in 2014.

Both of them went for it.

The accountant, bored and unfulfilled with his 9-5 job decided to make a real go of it and devoted all of his focus to ensuring his investment of time, money and effort in this online business opportunity succeeded.

Within 3 months, he was able to earn his first $10,000 (in one month) from commissions. And within 3 years, he would achieve a “7-figure” annual income from the online business he’d started – allowing him to travel the world and live a lifestyle most people only dream about.

That guy’s name is “Gerard Hall”. This is his video. Check it out.

As for the other guy? He didn’t make it quite as good. He failed at the business. The reason why he failed? Simple. He gave up. In short: He quit.

How do I know so much about this “other guy”?

That other guy was me.

A goal is defined as something you strive to reach, aim for and achieve. You can only do that if you see it through. I’ve learned now there are no failures. Only people who lose heart, people who give up.

For as long as you’re striving and progressing steadily towards an ideal or a goal or a dream, though you may fall and stumble you have not failed. You only fail, when you quit.

So, here I am years later…and the guy who’s helping me build and grow my online business now? is none other than Gerard himself : )

This time, I’m going all the way.

If you want to come along with me? and access the exact same online training that got me and Gerard started?


We’ll see you on the other side!


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

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