Do You Know What True Freedom is?…

When people ask me “So, what do you do?”

Here’s my reply: “I help people replace traditional-job income with a laptop lifestyle income, That’s what I do”.

Traditional-job income is usually money you earn because you HAVE TO not because you want to.

It’s money that required you to get up at a certain time, go to a certain place, work with certain people (you may or may not like) and get told what to do by someone above you.

And usually the reason you’re doing this is to earn money so you can:
Pay the Bills, Pay the Rent, Pay the Mortgage, Pay the Tuition Fees etc.

Straight-Talk Alert: It’s also likely the bills pay for a standard of living that’s not the one you really want – just the one you can afford.

Maybe you want to travel? See more beautiful places by the ocean? Maybe somewhere in Asia? Bali? Thailand? ..

Why not just go and do that Now?

If you feel dulled-out working in a job that’s repetitive (esp. if it makes you miserable), that just pays the bills, and you’re not getting rich anyway, why not just be moderately paid but WAY HAPPIER living on a beach somewhere in Southeast Asia?

You know why: Because you have to go to “work”. You might even be reading this at work now.

Please listen: There’s nothing wrong with having a traditional job.

But bear in mind, that’s a way of doing things that’s been passed down to you by your parents and their parents before them.

And back in their day..that was the best (and likely the only) way they knew how to get by.

You’re not bound by those limitations in the digital era we live in.

So just make sure you’re doing your job for the RIGHT REASONS.

Do it because you want to, you REALLY want to (even better because you’re passionate about it) –

But definitely don’t do it because you HAVE to. Or because you think there’s no other option.

Life is too short, and time is too precious for you to spend your years…”not” building your dream…by building someone else’s.

At the end of the day, there’s no more fun way to make money than on your laptop – because you’re free to do it Anywhere, Anytime and with anyone YOU choose to do business with.

That’s true Freedom my friend.

Hit this link if you want to find out how.

I’ll see you on the other side!


Mark Villarosa

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