Learn an AMAZING new language in 2020!…

A video on a topic I find fascinating at the moment.

Everyone’s “love language” is different. I think that conflicts, pain and disappointments in our relationships “lessen” when we become more “attuned” to the love language that someone is using – very often it’s how they see themselves, the world and how they express themselves…

We are all beautifully unique and our differences should be celebrated and a cause for union (all the beautiful shapes and colors combined to make the spectrum whole).

When you are able to “tune in” to the (real) message beneath what people say…it’s almost like having a new and wonderful superpower : ) It increases your compassion, your capacity to love…and to give love in the way that the other person “understands”.

It imbues you with a radiance that can only happen when you are FULLY connected with yourself and others – which is a very rare thing nowadays.

If you are interested in learning a new language in 2020? I highly recommend “love language” being one of them. It will change your life.

You can also check out an earlier video I made that goes into in a bit deeper here.

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