A Beautiful Smile in 2020 😊

I was recently invited to contribute my music towards a charity project called “Beautiful Smile” in support of mental health. 

Stay tuned for a music video of the session! (soon) :  ) 

It was a great experience going on a road trip driving from London to Folkestone, Dover to record my songs at a lovely local studio (Seaview Studios). 

Spending a wonderful weekend sight-seeing the white cliffs and castle (things Dover are famous for) was also a massive bonus. I was able to fulfill my passion for music, helping others and traveling all in one go! 

I believe Passion is one of the most important things in life. 

It’s the “fuel” that allows us to experience a fulfilling and meaningful existence. Having a passion for something gives you energy, enthusiasm, hope and excitement. 

My passions are helping others by sharing positivity and music. 

How about you, what are you passionate about? 

Whatever it is…I ENCOURAGE you to nurture it, feed it, allow it to grow and burn brightly…and surround yourself with people who support and believe in you. 

Very often, the things were passionate about are sign-posts pointing to our higher purpose and the fulfillment of our dreams. 

Keep the Love Strong in 2020 💪❤️


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