Your Monthly Schedule! Please Stick to it ; )

From this point onwards, I’d like you to include one (or more) of these into your month ok? 


Mark’s Monthly To Do’s:

  • 1 lunch date with a good friend
  • Read 1 book that is enriching to your mind and soul
  • 1 Day in the great outdoors/nature
  • 1 night out with good friends
  • 1 Date Night (even if it’s treating yourself)
  • 1 Breakfast meetup with a good friend/s
  • 1 Movie night (in or out)
  • 1 Day serving others/or another selflessly
  • 1 Day COMPLETELY to yourself to enjoy as you please

Keep the love strong  đŸ’Ș❀


Freedom To Be

Mark Villarosa _ Digital Entrepreneur

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