EVERY DAY you’re winning. Here’s Why…

EVERYTHING is about perspective. 

You could show a field of roses to two people… One could see a field with row upon row of breathtaking roses in bloom. The other could see the same field, but see row upon row of thorns and weeds. 

Every day you’re winning by being alive..and having the choice moment-to -moment to shift your perspective to what that moment ‘means’ to you. 

That gives you power. That gives you control.  That gives you mastery over (literally) everything. 

Because it’s you who chooses the meaning situations, people, places and circumstance have. 

Someone hurt your feelings and abandoned you? SHIFT —} They just taught you a valuable lesson: To learn to stand up for yourself and be independent. 

Someone Hating on you?  SHIFT —} They are teaching you compassion for others, forgiveness, wisdom and the most powerful gift of all: they are teaching you to love, trust and appreciate yourself without needing someone to do it for you. 

When you are able to control your perspective, instead of letting it control you?… EVERY DAY can be a winning day of abundance, enrichment and learning. 


 Have an ‘expectation’ that things will turn out for the best (and they usually will).  Take things one-step-at-a-time. You’ll often need to Walk before you can Fly

 And when you finally get to the top?…don’t forget to celebrate (ALL wins, large & small) that’s an order ; D

Keep the love strong️ 💪❤️


Mark Villarosa - Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

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