What’s Your Higher Purpose in Life? What if I told you what it was?…

You see countless posts about ‘higher purpose’ on social media (some of them might even be mine ; D), numerous books have been written on this subject too. 

It can be a fascinating topic of discussion.  

“What’s your higher purpose in life?” 

Now what if I told you, you fulfill your higher purpose in life all the time? like… 

When you took time out to help a friend in need. 

Or when you contributed time and money you could’ve spent on yourself towards a worthy cause that helped others instead. 

Or when you sat with your mother, your father, or your child…to keep them company, sensing they were comforted and happy with your presence. 

People will often equate higher purpose with a significant achievement that has to happen in their lives. 

But I believe the true measure of our achievements and goals…is how we affect others positively. 

Whenever you choose to act with kindness, compassion and love – in ANYTHING 

Take courage and feel no fear or doubt  Because in that moment you are elevated and fully aligned with your Higher Purpose, and that part of you that makes you shine at your core: Your soul. 

So keep shining

 and Keep the love strong  💪

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