These 5 Questions Could Reveal Your Purpose In Life

What’s more important than money is that you’re happy, truly happy with what you’re doing – that’s also the only way you’ll stick at it long enough to see success. 

And almost always, when you’re happy and passionate about what you’re doing for a living, the money tends to follow (often in abundance)…likely ‘attracted’ to your positive vibes😉

 Choosing ‘what’ that thing is, shouldn’t be too difficult either. 

I’m a big believer of following your head and your heart – it’s been a winning combination for me through the years. 

Here are some additional idea starters to add to your thinking/creative process and to help ‘guide”you towards realising what your true passion in life is.

Knowing what this is could lead you in the direction of serving others with a business of your own – one that you can be energised, excited about and that also makes a lot of money:

  1. What’s your favourite hobby?
  2. What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
  3. What can you do for hours, lose track of time and still not be tired?
  4. What are you naturally good at?
  5. What do people always compliment that you do well?

And lastly…just imagine this: If all your basic living expenses were completely covered,so you wouldn’t have to worry about money – ever… 

What do you ‘see’ yourself doing that could serve others positively?


Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

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