Is now the best time to start an online business from home?

There’s no “positive spin” on people suffering from a virus and an ensuing global recession. Let me be clear on that.

But knowing what I know from personal experience of living through more than one global recession, I feel compelled to act and speak about what I know – and what I know is my business. So my position is this…

My mission with ‘Freedom To Be’ is to be an empowering place where personal freedom and self-development is encouraged in a positive and helpful way.

What we know from history is that every major crisis has brought with it an equal and sometimes even a greater opportunity as a result.

I heard that Zoom, the video conferencing company (I also use), has doubled their users since corona started to spread in China.

Today I also heard that Google, LinkedIn, Twitter all asked their employees to work from home.

They’re being responsible companies and asking people to stay safe and healthy, but also asking their people to use Zoom to communicate for now instead of physically face-to-face, which could contribute to spreading the virus.

My sincere hope is that a vaccine will be developed sooner rather than later, hopefully this year.

One thing I am certain of, is this: people are going to be seeking alternate ways to support themselves financially from home and to have the mobility to choose where they work, more than ever.

So in the event of a possible recession, here’s some solid advice I’d like to share with you which I’ve personally used myself, having been through a few recessions in my time!

1. Build up an emergency fund. An emergency fund that can cover three to six months of your living expenses is a good way to go
2. Check and control your usual frivolous/carefree spending
5. Refine and diversify your skill sets like crazy to be of more value to society long term
4. Find positive and productive relationships and associations – build your network of allies
5. Keep a watchful eye on credible news channels…but don’t get sucked into the fear mongering. Just stay informed.
6. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions
7. Stay positive

Now more than ever, it could be crucial to surround yourself with empowering people that can help you through challenging times…if and when they come.


Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

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