I won’t bulls*** you…

We all know COVID-19 is a serious issue right now.

You’re no doubt part of a community of your own, whether that’s a job you go to, or a business you run.

Either way, you’re likely to be running into unexpected challenges right now and you might be feeling a little scared about how this might affect your livelihood in the long run if this continues.

My mission is to help uplift, motivate and encourage you, not only during the good times, but also through the dark times.

Here are 3 things you can do to make things a little lighter for yourself:

1) Keep yourself safe and informed 

Stay up to date by following 1 or 2 highly credible official sources i.e. don’t overwhelm yourself with information from many different media sources. 

The WHO (World Health Organization) is probably a good place to start and bookmark as your main go-to source of updates.

2) Stay in touch with your customers and clients 

Make technology your friend and ally esp. at this time – to stay bonded with people.

Stay in touch with your customers via email, if you have a lot of customers? use tools to make sure you address them by first name, so it feels personal.

If you only have a few clients? that’s cool too – make the message as warm and reassuring as you can, tailored to them personally.

You might want to mention how you are reacting to and handling the situation, and also the steps you’re taking to make sure your customers and people who depend on you will be looked after.

Use your social media profile/s to help spread reassurance and calm in your personal communities.

People will be looking for reassurance and leadership right now. It’s an opportunity for you to provide it.

3) Look into using audio and video conferencing

Instead of canceling important meetings or events with people…see if you can use alternatives such as ‘Zoom‘ (fyi I use it, and recommend it highly), so you can still meet and speak with people ‘virtually’. 

If you have to work and make calls from home, try a company called Rebtel.

There are no contracts, cancel anytime and you don’t need the internet. Call quality is exceptionally clear (fyi I use them) and you can make quality Global calls for £5 a month flat fee. Check it out.

Keep a level-headed perspective for now.

I won’t bulls*** you. The situation is not looking great at the moment. 

But if each of us does our part in being responsible for looking after our health and the health of those we love – we’ll be farther along in helping this situation come to a positive resolution sooner rather than later.

Stay positive💪


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