Here’s how to turn pain, into personal POWER

Something I’ve learned that I want to pass on and share with you is how to….

Release negative feelings by replacing them with acceptance & appreciation.

First and foremost (and I learned this the hard way) never make decisions or take action from a place of negative emotion.

Deal with those emotions, first.

Know that negative emotions such as – sadness, anger, rage, fear, bitterness, jealousy, despair, grief, loss are present within you…because they are waiting to be released.

You experience a higher state of being, control and mastery when you are able to be ‘one’ with your pain.

Instead of doing what most people try to do…which is to desperately find ways to ‘fix’ it.

Give it your unconditional, non-judgemental presence.

Being fully present with yourself and your emotions (even the negative ones) is a priceless gift of courage and the most powerful form of trust, self-love and self-acceptance you can ever give yourself.

Accept the part of you that feels the pain..and by doing so, not only will you release it sooner – it will also become your power.

Stay positive🙏. Stay strong💪


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