I work from home and I LOVE it.

I was working from home for 5 years when I was self employed a few years ago and now with the current situation, I find myself re-living it all over again.

First, the not so good news…

Your office will probably be closed for the foreseeable future.

The good news? You get to work from home.

So why’s that good news? 

Because I’m living proof it can work.

Yes, it’ll require an adjustment (maybe a major one). Just like any other worthy endeavour, it takes self-discipline, order and perseverance. But it also creates a lot of personal freedom.

The rewards? Huge.

  • I get to work how and when I want to.
  • I experience more calm and centeredness by not having to battle the daily rush hour 2x a day to and from home.
  • I may not be able to control what’s happening outside – but I can control my immediate environment, who I speak to and communicate with.
  • I have time to learn new things, read new books.
  • I have time to feel (real) peace and reconnect with my core values. And with that, comes the ability to be focused, to help people and be a force of good.

As I mentioned many times before, I LOVE what I do.

But there is a ‘sweet science’ to making it work smoothly and effortlessly.

Here are a few tips to help you adjust to your new reality:

✅ Our bodies and minds like having set patterns to follow. Establish a routine. Get up early, break for lunch, set break times, wrap up for the day. 

✅ Set boundaries with family, partners or roommates – “I’m at work right now, it will have to wait please. Let’s set aside time for it later.”

✅ Build-in enough flexibility to take breaks and move around, just like you used to in the office.

✅ Include an “end of the workday” time to shut down – AND STICK TO IT.

✅ Make physical exercise a mandatory part of your schedule – and have fun doing it! 

✅ Remote does NOT have to be isolated! Reach out through messaging, email, video, and phones to collaborate with colleagues, customers, friends & family.

Remember, even though you’re at home, you’re still a part of your work community and the world!

We’ll all get through this, some people may even end up with work-at-home options they never thought of before. Take advantage of this time and make the best of it!

Keep the love strong 💪


Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

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