What are you Passionate about?..

To answer that, maybe start with a simple question: what makes you happy, and what energises you?..

👉Maybe it’s a sport or physical activity
👉Maybe it’s supporting a charitable cause
👉Maybe it’s your local church
👉Maybe it’s a hobby or pastime
👉Maybe it’s making sure children are happy and looked after
👉Maybe it’s books
👉Maybe it’s animals
👉Maybe it’s nature
👉Maybe it’s health & beauty and helping people look and feel great
👉Maybe it’s music, art or musical instruments
👉Maybe it’s personal development and higher learning
👉Maybe it’s spirituality

Whatever it is for you, I assure you, that’s where your journey towards personal self-fulfilment and freedom starts.

Sure, it won’t be a walk in the park and challenges may come, but it’s in that very ‘thing’ that you are passionate about, where you will find energy and a sense of purpose.

It’s also the foundation of what you can build a small business around.

Start with knowing, really knowing what you’re passionate about and what drives you.

Start there.


Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur
Born in the Philippines, Mark moved to the UK with his family as a teenager. Mark is presently working in a corporate sales and business development role while building his business as a digital marketer. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, produced a musical album released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their own passions in life into an online business.

If you’d like to learn how to start and build an online business around your passions in life, click here.

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