What Motivates you More? Money or Making people Happy?..

Have you been concerned with how things will turn out?

Maybe you had a good job, or a business you were building, then this situation happened with Covid, and now you’re unsure about what to do.

Let me tell you, your current situation is not your destiny. You can change things. You can shape what happens in the future, by setting in motion what you can, right here, right now, in the present.

People all over the world are starting to wake up to a new kind of reality, one that no one expected. But it’s here now.

And the best thing you can do is to prepare for a future that’s going online, because it’s going to be very different from anything any of us has ever known in our lifetime.

Don’t fear technology. Make it your friend 😊

I encourage you to watch this free webinar💻 given by my mentor Stuart Ross.

There’s no cost, and you’ll gain a lot of valuable insight & guidance on how to build an online business around the things you’re truly passionate about, so you can be energised doing something you really love.

I hope you invest in yourself to check it out.

PS: Don’t be daunted by the webinar title 10k. If money motivates you? then great. You can learn to make more of it, using the internet.

If making people happy and helping them motivates you more? then what you’ll learn can help you affect the lives of lots of people positively too, using the internet.

You’ll take from it, what you bring into it 🙏

You can watch it here.


Born in the Philippines, Mark moved to the UK with his family as a teenager. Mark is presently working in a corporate sales and business development role while building his business as a digital marketer. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, produced a musical album released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.

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