What’s the one thing…

Question for you…

What’s the one thing you’ve wanted to do for years, but haven’t got around to yet?

Take a moment to think about that.

And when it comes to you, sit with that ‘vision’ for a moment.

In my experience, things come to me and manifest faster, when I’m able to focus on one thing with absolute clarity and purpose. I believe it allows the universe to follow our lead and channel everything relevant to help us, esp. if we’re crystal clear on what we want.

There’s a saying I like…“energy flows, where attention goes”.

We also magnetise things to us that reflect the dominant feeling and energy we have inside our minds and in our hearts; so it pays to make sure our dominant thoughts are positive!

To help you manifest positively and creatively, here’s a tip I want to share with you.

I like making lists (big fan 😅) first I recommend you make a simple one for yourself, have fun with it! nothing fancy, word doc or peice of paper will do, and do it like this….

Make the header of your list, the ‘thing’ you most want to get round to someday…

Maybe it’s…

👉a dream project

👉a place you’ve wanted to visit

👉to see people you haven’t seen for ages

👉a business you want to create and grow

👉a meaningful partnership with someone

And then underneath that main heading, start to create a list of fun, positive (even silly) things you can do en route towards it, it’s ‘your’ list, so put on it what you want.

The trick is to have ‘fun’ making the list, it’s not meant to pressure or stress you out😅

So for example if it’s a ‘place’ you want to visit someday? your list could look like this…

Visit “(place of your choice)”

1) Research fun and interesting things to do locally in _______

2) Join Facebook groups that love _______ and join the group discussions 

3) Follow Instagram or Pinterest profiles that feature _______

4) Start setting aside money for a future visit to _______

5) Create a vision board and fill it with beautiful pictures of _______

6) If it’s a foreign place? learn the basic lingo and practice speaking in the local accent (Google translator is fun for this😅)

You can also keep replenishing this list, as and when you feel inspired with new ideas to add to it. Just make sure what you put in it, is always positive, energises you and makes you ‘feel good‘.

And this can be applied to anything, whether it’s a place you want to see, a business you want to build, or even the person you want to become.

Believe it or not, what you will be doing with what seems like such a simple exercise, is the building block of creation and a very subtle but powerful form of making what you want, come to life (maybe even sooner than you think!😉).

Give it a shot and have fun with it! 

Keep the love strong💪


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