Rivers will rise, Rivers will run…

A song I wrote that I hope inspires 🙏 and empowers you 💪


Stay a while
Dangle your feet in the universe

Leave behind
Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

And spread your fingers wide
Intertwined with life

When I see you standing there
underneath the open air, you’re waving goodbye.

And who you were before,
that’s just somebody on a distant shore

Rivers will rise, Rivers will Run
Now as you turn your face to the sun

And if you’ve done your best, here in this place
Then now is the time for you to replace

Darkness for light
Deserts for rain

Tears are from joy, and they’re no longer pain

If you have decided that you have begun
then Rivers will rise, rivers will Run

Mark VIllarorsa - Digital Entrepreneur and Musician

About Mark:

Born in the Philippines, Mark moved to the UK with his family as a teenager. Mark is presently working in a corporate sales and business development role while building his business as a digital marketer. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, produced a musical album released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.

If you’d like to learn how to start and grow an online business around what you’re passionate about, click here.

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