It’s JUST like having a newborn baby…

Ok, you’re probably wondering, “what does he know about having a baby?!”😅 

Well, I have a son. He’s no longer a baby though, he’s a grown man now and someone I’m very proud of😊 

He was born during my years in University when I was only 21 years old, scared sh*tless and doing my best to be brave about the future. 

I remember looking at him when he was a baby, so small he could literally fit in the palms of both my hands and wonder how he’d turn out when he’s grown. 

What will he look like? Will he be popular with the girls? Will he be successful? What will he do for a living? Will he inherit my musical genes? 

I would look at him sleeping and feel protective over him, and also feel overwhelming love for him at the same time. 

I find that starting and growing a business is just like that. You start with excitement and fear.

You know it’s going to be hard but also equally amazing. You have no clear idea what it will grow into. There’s going to be good days, bad days, failures, sadness and celebrations. 

There’s going to be days when you want to give up. Days you don’t feel worthy. Days when you feel so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open. Days you want to scream in frustration…. alongside many days of celebration because you absolutely nailed it. 

With consistent love and nurturing every single day it has to, and will grow into something. 

There’s no knowing what it will look like or what it will become, but you feel it’s your job to protect and defend it, until it has a chance to turn into something beautiful. 

Whatever happens, it’s going to be incredible. Because it’s yours, and is and always will be, a special part of you. 


PS: That’s how I know about having a baby 😉

Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

About Mark:

Mark is presently working as a senior corporate online sales consultant. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, written and produced several musical albums released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.

If you’d like to learn how to start an online business and build it around your passions, click here.

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