Hold TRUE to your Core Values

Watching what’s happening to the world right now, I must admit I was feeling quite down lately, wondering what could be salvaged from such immense pain and suffering. 

I also wondered what I could possibly contribute that was positive. It all felt too big, too overwhelming, too messy, and even too scary. 

But then I remembered what I stood for. I remembered my core beliefs of love, compassion, light and inspiration. And I remembered that no matter how turbulent the world becomes, my core values remain unchangeable and immovable. 

And with that realisation, came immediate peace and courage. 

It also dawned on me, that this is an ‘opportunity’. An opportunity for change and for us to become even more human, more loving, more compassionate, more united, and more bonded with each other as fellow human beings. 

Yes, there may have to be pain and suffering that goes along with this opportunity, but that is also the beauty of our existence on this planet, our ability to connect with each other, listen to each other, heal each other and pull each other through tough times. 

My Grandmother believed (as in, actually believed) in Angels. Whenever there were bad things happening in the world or on TV and things got frightening. She would say, look for the angels, they’re always there. 

As a kid, I would feel disappointed, because I never saw the ‘angels’ she was talking about. I couldn’t see shining beings in the sky with wings flying around helping people. 

But my Grandmother was right. They were there. I was just looking in the wrong place. 

No matter how frightening things become there will always be someone helping another person, protecting another person or comforting another person with love. These are angels amongst us, on earth, in living form. 

So take heart, no matter how bad things seem to be, angels are among us.

You just have to know how to look for them. And then you’ll see them, everywhere. 

In difficult, challenging and frightening times…just remember to hold true to your core values.  

By doing so you will not only be steady, resolute and calm in yourself but you also become the solace, comfort, help and strength that others need. 


Mark Villarosa

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