I haven’t achieved my dreams…yet.

Not many people have the courage to have a dream…and even fewer have the courage to act on making that dream come true.

So I want you to know I value your company and I’m glad you’re with me.  

And on that note, I also wanted to take this opportunity to be even more transparent with you moving forward. 

A quick reality check… I haven’t achieved my dreams yet. 

I’m still working in a regular job, which luckily I enjoy, while building my online business.

My personal goal, is to be free from this job and free from the constraints and corporate structure of working for a boss, in order to run a business that pays me to live a life I love, wherever I choose to be in the world. 

That’s my idea of freedom. 

From this point on I want to let you in (even more) about my journey online. I want you to know about all the ups, the downs and ultimately the truth of what it takes (and is taking) to build my online business ‘Freedom To Be’… to achieve the kind of freedom I want. 

I’m hoping you’ll learn from my challenges and mistakes…and also be inspired by the triumphs I experience in my pursuit of freedom….so you can see this is possible for you too. 

So, anyway…strap in and enjoy the ride ; ) 

Speak soon,


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

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2 Replies to “I haven’t achieved my dreams…yet.”

  1. This is inspired! I’m happy I spotted your post because it’s better than similar blogs I’ve seen from most people on this subject. Can I ask you to write more about this? Maybe write an additional example? Thanks 🙂

    1. I’d be happy to Wilfredo and thanks for your comment. What kind of example do you have in mind?
      Feel free to message me.

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