‘I don’t have that much time’…yes you do!

One of the things that used to mentally hold me back from committing to anything, was wondering where I would find the time to even do it.

In the case of building my online business, I felt overwhelmed because I was already working a full-time job + trying to have a social life outside of work hours.

I would often tell myself…

“I don’t have that much time…”

Which tbh, turned out to be me just bull*******g myself because what it really came down to was prioritisation. The things I made time for were the things I chose to give importance to.

 I had one-hour lunches at work, which I’d often spend ‘relaxing’ watching YouTube vids.

At the end of the workday and after the gym, I’d get home tired and hungry but after dinner, I’d spend the evening ‘Netflix-ing’ till I got sleepy.

All in all, I worked out that I had at least 4 hours every single workday (or 20 hours a week) to do something more productive to get my a** closer to my dreams than I’d been doing, and that’s not counting weekends and mornings before I started work.

Yep, I had lots of time. I just chose to use it (and not use it) in certain ways😅

I think that’s true for all of us {!firstname_fix} —–} and the truth is, we will always have time, for things we make time for. 

Btw, I respect that you may have a really busy schedule and maybe 30 minutes a day might be all you have. If that’s the case, I still say to you…use it. 

Use it to invest and build something positive for yourself.

Whether that’s working on your body, your mind or your finances through working out, reading books, enhancing your knowledge, studying a course, working with a mentor or actually building a business that will enable you to live the life of your dreams later on.

A strong test to help you decide if something is worth your time is to ask yourself…”is this thing I’m doing bringing me any closer to my dreams, or farther from it?”

I believe we all have an internal GPS that always know the right answer to that one, we just sometimes choose to ignore it.

Stay strong, stay well and speak to you again soon…


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

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