I’m not buying it! And neither should you…

I’ve been feeling a bit drained lately. Then I figured out why. 

I try to avoid watching or reading the news too much these days but couldn’t help noticing the BBC reporting recently that the UK is officially in recession with the global economy set to shrink even further. 

That’s pretty f****** bad news….if you take it to heart. But I’m not buying it…and neither should you.

I realised although I can’t control the world or the world economy, or how often recessions happen, what I can control is what I do in ‘my’ world. 

The economy is driven by people like me and you, WE make the economy what it is. 

Check this out, 

👉Amazon reported a 40% increase in profits this year (that’s $88.9 billion quarterly sales)
👉Apple sales 11% increase this year ($59.7 billion) 

That’s a LOT of profit man!

(*New York Times) 

Despite this so-called global recession, it’s clear a lot of us are still online and shopping! 😅

So that tells me one thing loud and clear:

WE dictate where the economy goes. 

The economy doesn’t have to be just an exchange of money. It can also be energy, goodwill and time. 

To combat feelings of scarcity and lack I’m,

1) going on a mainstream-media and news-free diet for a while
2) choosing to adopt a mindset of abundance by focusing on things like…

✅Working with my clients with intentional good, positive & optimistic energy
✅Giving my time to my family and loved ones
✅Supporting my local cafes, shops and grocers to help keep them in business
✅Reading more books

And last but not least, the energy and goodwill I share with you. I hope we continue to serve each other. 

If you’ve taken the time to read this, you’ve already honoured me by following my journey as I reach for my dreams.

And I hope I’m returning the favour by inspiring and encouraging you towards yours.

To your kind of freedom, 

Mark Villarosa _ Digital Entrepreneur

My mission is to help people achieve personal freedom and realise their full potential by learning digital skills to make them independent, fearless & self-reliant in today’s digital economy.

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