Is Feeling Upset, Impatient and Frustrated a Good Sign?

It’s been one helluva year so far hasn’t it? 

Goddamit, feels like only last week it was the start of the year, and now we’re nearing the end of it. 

Can I be honest? I was feeling like a real loser a few days ago. 

I was suddenly overwhelmed thinking about the things I wish I’d done and also really upset with myself about the things I hadn’t yet achieved. 

It was a dark place. 

I think we all have a tendency to be a bit hard on ourselves at times. 

What helped me through it, were a few realisations, which I’d like to share with you now. 

Feeling upset, impatient and frustrated can be a good sign. 

Because it shows a clear dissatisfaction with your present situation. And that’s a powerful indicator that something may need to change. 

Your body and psyche are literally screaming as one for you to grow, move, do something, anything! Just get us the hell outta here and onto a better (physical or mental) place. 

It can be a road sign pointing you in the direction of the growth you need. 

The day you feel complete indifference and apathy is also the day you’ve given up.  

Though I don’t relish or look forward to feeling bad about my progress in life I now also welcome them as healthy signs that I still give a s**t and want something better. 

Those negative feelings then turn into something positive – affirming that you’re still moving forward and still growing. 

You HAVE to be amongst people that are aligned with your dreams. 

As strong and determined as you are, you cannot achieve your goals completely on your own. No one can.  

Our friends, family and loved ones may want the best for us but they may also not be best equipped to advise and support us. Their default setting is to ‘protect’  and despite best intentions can sometimes offer advice that can stifle and suffocate our dreams. 

Tap into a support network, an online community, a group or a mentor who understands exactly what you’re trying to achieve and even better if they’ve gone through it themselves and can advise you based on first-hand experience. 

And stay plugged in because these support networks will help you remain focused, uplifted and energised esp. when times get tough. 

Before I go, I want to congratulate you and I want you to congratulate YOURSELF for making it this far. 

You’ve probably done and achieved more than you give yourself credit for. It’s been a f*****g tough year and yet you’re still here, alive and kicking.

Cheers 🥂 You Rock.


Mark Villarosa - Online Business Mentor & Coach

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