Why Today is a Very Special Day…

Today is a very special day. And I’d like to share the reason why and also how it relates to you… 

It’s my (late and) beloved Grandmothers birthday today 🎂🎊😊🎁

She was a very special, beautiful, strong, kind and loving woman…and also my first ‘mentor’ :  )

My Grandmother

It was from her that I first learned about business and being an entrepreneur. She owned a few properties which she managed, started a small store in our local neighbourhood and invested in stocks and shares.  

She was a visionary at a time when society was still unaccustomed to ambitious women. She was ahead of her time. 

1950’s girl power 😅✊

She also gave me the gift of music, passing on her musical DNA and passion for music to me. 

And perhaps the greatest gift of all, she showed me how to love fearlessly by simply being the most welcoming, helpful and warm person you could ever meet. 

Damn, I’ve got a LOT to live up to 😅

We’re all products of our first ‘mentors’ in life. Some of us will be lucky to have had good ones, some of us maybe not so lucky. 

Even if you didn’t have good role models, you can still use that as a ‘benchmark’ of what not to do and be! 

But either way, I think one of the greatest most positive gifts you can give yourself today, is to honour and celebrate the best of what’s been passed down to you by generations before you…

So you can share those gifts with the rest of the world. 

Think about the good people in your life who had a part in raising you, and now think only of their best qualities as human beings. 

The good news is, those qualities are impressed deep inside of you too 🙂

Now go forth, amplify those qualities and rock the world in honour of your forebears 🤘 😊

Me and my Grandmother


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