What exactly are you Passionate about?…

I had a guy come up to me after a gig once, saying he’d been suffering from depression and was considering self-harm but after hearing me play, felt strong enough to carry on for one more day

That made me realise what immense power passion has on people. 

I love playing music. Other than the personal pleasure it gives me, I love how it uplifts people, almost instantly.

I’ve since used elements of my love for music in my business to help, uplift, encourage, guide people to become the best versions of themselves.

There’s power in your passion. What are you passionate about? 

Really think about that, because within your passion are elements you can use to build a better you.

When you’re able to consciously combine your why with your passion, you’ll have a very powerful force in your hands.  

And I’m not just talking about making money, but of also being a significant provider of value to others. 

The formula: 

Passion + Why + Value given to others = (insert life of your dreams) 

Don’t let your passion go to waste.

The world needs people of passion to help make it a better place. 


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur


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