Should You Wait Until Dec 31st? 🤔 I Say No. Here’s Why…

I have a fun challenge for you. I’d like you to step into your own shoes one year from now, and spend some time living as if you’re already that person.

Live as if you’re the person in your future who’s…  

➡️Physically fitter and in the best shape & health you’ve ever been

➡️Started an exciting new venture

➡️Running an amazingly successful business

➡️Is in a strong and loving relationship…

➡️Earning the kind of money you dream of 

or whatever is on your list.

It’s your list! 😉

And as you’re embodying and living as your future self, take a moment to also note any uncomfortable/negative feelings you experience.

These could be ‘red flags’ or ‘wake up calls’ raised by your inner-self about blocks and obstacles (often self inflicted) that could stand in the way and impede your vision from fully materialising.  

This is good. 

Because you’ll then have a fairly accurate ‘road map’ to navigate the year ahead. 

This does mean you may have to form new habits, maybe even new friendships, new ways of thinking, speaking, acting, doing and being to create your future life.

Don’t be afraid, ignore, get angry or avoid those negative feelings.

Sit quietly with them, write them down. And even be grateful for them.
Treat them like ‘signposts’ giving you clear illumination and direction to where you need to be and what you need to do – in order to live the life you want.

💡This list will become your personal ‘to-do’ self-development list this year to help you move the boundaries of your comfort zone ➡️ and become who you’re meant to be: The best version of you. 

People tend to do this kind of exercise (if they do it at all) as a new year’s resolution. 

Don’t wait for the 31st of Dec. Do it now. 

Let today be Day 1. Get going ; )


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