How To Let Your Dreams Come To You

Ever notice when you’re feeling great, good things just seem to go your way naturally, even effortlessly? 

And when you’re not feeling great, the opposite happens, tasks, deadlines, personal relationships can suddenly feel chaotic and overwhelming really easily. 

I believe how we feel about ourselves is directly connected to the reality we create in our lives: good or bad. 

What’s worked well for me is this… 

Once I’m clear about what I want in life, I simply ‘ask’ for it. I do that by visualising it regularly, combined with 

Making sure my dominant energy is that of ‘feeling good’…as often as possible. 

I suggest you do the same by taking time out, stopping when you’re exhausted…self reflect and focus on your wins…physically work out to flood yourself with endorphins…surround yourself with good people…whenever possible, commune with the natural world….forgive (yourself and others)…project love and if needed, tough love (as long as it’s love)… 

Do whatever you can…to make yourself feegood while visualising and acting on your dreams. 

Only after all the negative energy ‘blocks’ are removed from our path…can our dreams make their way to find us. 

I imagine our dreams want to unite with us, as much as we want to unite with them.  

I believe our job is to help clear the way, so it can happen : )  


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

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