How To Live Your Dreams NOW…with A Pen & Paper : )

Harvard did an interesting business study on people who graduated from their MBA programme. They found that 3% of graduates who had their goals written down, earned ten times as much as the other 97% put together. 

Coincidence? Maybe. 

But what if science backs it up? Lots of independent studies have shown that people cognitively learn faster by constant repetition. 

The same principle that applies when you’re studying for a test, learning how to drive, or learning a new language. 

When we continuously immerse our body and mind into something and reinforce it by repetition, humans seem to be capable of outstanding things. 

So IF there’s something in it, and if all it cost to possibly improve your life by 10x, is a pen and paper to write your dreams down. Why not do it? 

It doesn’t have to be on a piece of paper either, be creative with it,

  • Build a vision board and hang it on your wall
  • Use coloured post it notes and leave them in places you’ll always look 
  • Set up a screensaver on your phone and computer
  • Use a free app like Google calendar and Google reminders

You can literally ‘build’ your dreams and keep them in front of you, so they’re visible to you always, allowing you to live them now, before they even happen. 

Let them serve as inspiration and motivation, and also like ‘magnets’ pulling you towards their eventual manifestation by combining them with positive action and belief

Have fun! : ) 

Speak soon, 


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