Happy Christmas! 🎄 And a GREAT Habit I want to share

I’m a creature of habit, I think we all are, just in our different ways. 

I’ve cultivated a habit that’s really helped me in my life and I’d like to share with you. 

First, let me tell you a bad habit I use to do! to give you some context… 

Being a perfectionist I can be really hard on myself. And at the end of the day, usually at bed time before going to sleep, 

I would go over all the things I nearly did right,

All the mistakes I’d made that day,

All the annoying experiences and people I encountered

And also all the ways I would take my revenge lol 

It’s no wonder why I’d often feel irritable, miserable, exhausted and tired every morning! 

So, anyway, I picked up a ‘trick’ (can’t remember exactly where from) which I started implementing as a habit, and it’s made a massive difference to my state of mind, well being, health and life in general. 

The first part happens before going to bed, I focus and re-live ONLY all of the good and pleasant things that happened to me that day…and trusting my subconscious to work out the details and answers to all of the bad things later on. 

My focus is always only on the good things that occurred. NO exceptions. 

This is then combined with the 2nd part, which is in the morning when I wake up. The first thoughts I permit into my brain and consciousness are thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude, NO exceptions. 

Anything that immediately comes to mind, from mundane little things I often take for granted like, 

Waking up on an amazing memory foam mattress that feels great,

Having enough coffee to make myself a morning cuppa,

To funny things like having enough toilet roll to not have to make a trek to the shops (not funny if you really do run out😅),

To important things like my family and loved ones being alive and healthy for me to enjoy many years with… 

I keep going with this train of gratitude thought, until I can’t think of any more…then I get up to start my day. 

And it’s worked wonders for me. I feel energised, strong, powerful, complete, full, happy and purposeful…and it sets the tone of my day, with everything following the energy that I set in motion…in ALL things…interactions with others, events and tasks I engage in. 

If you’re already doing this? Good on you! If not? I hope you consider trying it. And remember these important points… 

1) Gratitude costs nothing

2) You don’t have to shout about it, you can do it quietly, anywhere & anytime

3) Simply BREATHE and visualise the (no doubt) vast amount of things you can be thankful for – trust me, once you start, you’ll keep going! 

In that moment of abundance where you are literally cascading upon yourself all the wealth & riches that already surround you lies the key to attracting even more abundance, wealth, riches and happiness still to come in your life. 

Have an AWESOME Christmas and Festive🎄season! I hope it’s filled with goodness, light and happiness – and I look forward to sharing the next leg of the journey with you as we head into 2021 💪 : )  


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