How To Dream Big (And Enjoy It)!

You probably have dreams and goals that you want to achieve in life.

I’ve got something to share from personal experience that might help make the ride a little easier! 

I think the best way to reach a dream, is to set your sights really high….and then enjoy, and I mean REALLY enjoy each small step you make towards it. 

See, most people will set their sights high…but then get deflated and defeated quickly when the dream doesn’t manifest itself straight away. 

I’m a big believer in Daily action.

Doing something, anything! as long as it takes you just one small step closer to your dream…is always 100x better than not taking a step at all. 

I think the process becomes faster and more enjoyable if you can train and teach your mind…to see each small step as a happy one, because that way, you’ll stay motivated for much longer. 

Happiness = Energy & Stamina 

One ‘trick’ that works for me, is to always reward myself after completing a small step (sometimes that includes Tiramisu😄). 

Always appreciate and reward yourself for ANY victory, no matter how small, if you completed it? you earned it 👊 

Don’t be afraid to aim high and dream big!

Just focus on any small daily steps you can make towards reaching your dream, keep going with a positive mindset. 

PS: And make sure you enjoy the journey (by rewarding yourself regularly) ; ) 


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