My 5 Tips to Be Strong & Happy During Lockdown✊

Caption to this pic: “EXTREME Social Distancing”

Just kidding 😅 this was taken a few years ago on holiday in Spain 😎🌞 I sure do miss travelling ✈️

Anyway, just wanted to reach out to those of you who might be having a tough time atm, esp if you’re in lockdown.

Here are some of my tips…

1. Establish a daily routine 🗓– even something as simple as getting up early, making your bed and then getting on with daily chores can be helpful in keeping you active mentally

2. EXERCISE DAILY 💪 – but mix things up, don’t do the same thing, one day do some bodyweight training, another day follow a routine on YouTube, keep your mind/body guessing

3. Reach out to friends 👋 – and do video calls, never underestimate the power of connections at this time, use technology to stay connected and keep your mental health upbeat

4. Comfort others 🙏– there’s that famous saying that goes, you forget your problems, when you try to help others with theirs

5. Learn something new 📖 – use this time to read a book you’ve always been meaning to get round to

If you think of any more? add them to the comments, would love to hear yours.

If we look after ourselves, and also look after others, we should all be fine 😉👍

Take care, Be well and Be safe.


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