Why we’re born to be Entrepreneurs

I want to share 3 reasons why I believe people are born to be entrepreneurial and why most people struggle to work in a fixed 9-5 routine.

But first, here’s some interesting trivia for you. Do you know who this man is?…

It’s ‘Henry Ford’, inventor of the automobile…or as we call it nowadays, a car 🙂

He’s credited by many historians as being one of the founders of the industrial revolution, in a way he’s also responsible for why millions of people live the way they do today.

What do I mean by that?

Well, though most people know him as the founder of the Ford Motor Company…

He was also one of the very first to standardize the 9-to-5 hour workday in the early 1900’s.

And because many companies all over the world today still follow this same model – he essentially created the template of working hours as most people know it. Crazy right?

Well, here’s a thought that’s even crazier….

That template is almost 100 years old

Times have moved on, economies and ways of doing business have changed – but the 9-5 model has remained the same for many people. 

We’re born to be free and individuals, being constrained in a rigid structure just won’t work for everyone.

Here’s why, and see if you can relate! 

#1 Your Personal Body Clock

Most people are either night people or morning people, sometimes both.

Which one are you?

Because, if you’re an “early bird”, you probably get more things done in the morning and by the afternoon, you need to rest, recover and recharge. 

If you’re a “night owl”, you’ll probably want to press snooze (several times) in the morning – but when evening comes you suddenly come alive and can work productively. 

If you’re a combination of the two? then you’re one of those people that gets the job done by dipping in and out of work throughout the day and night, whenever you feel like it.

There’s nothing wrong with being any of these. But here’s the problem.

With a 9-5, you have to work around a company’s schedule – not yours.

So even if you’re more productive in the morning, sorry, you can’t just arrive early and choose to finish by lunchtime.

If you’re better in the evening, you can’t rock up and start work at night and finish when you feel like it.  

And if you’re a combination? you definitely can’t just come and go as you please.

Most companies want their employees to start in the morning…and work all day long.

And that just doesn’t work for everyone.

#2 Your Personal Goals

The cost of living 100 years ago is very different from how it is today.

Back then all you needed was one job to get by.

But nowadays one job might not be enough anymore. Sometimes even two isn’t!

If you did your best to live modestly, one 9-5 paycheck should be ok.

And that’s the problem. Because human beings always have goals and aspirations, we’re built to be dreamers.

We’re always aiming for something better for ourselves.

So, think about your personal goals and dreams for a moment. 

Chances are, if you have worthwhile goals, one job alone may not be enough to get you there.

And even if it is, how can you enjoy it fully, when you’re tied to a 9-5 routine all day long?

#3 Your Personality

We’re all different, and the reality is some people won’t get along. 

And inside a company environment, this is inevitable, because you can’t really choose who you work with or who you work for.

You may have to talk to, or put up with toxic, energy-draining people.

You have to work with people the company has employed, whether you get along with them or not.

Anyway, these are the three reasons I believe our true nature as human beings is to be entrepreneurial.

Everyone is at a different point in their journey through life…but I think people are happiest and fulfilled when doing work that’s aligned with who they really are.

So that means it’s ideally something that…

  • suits our personal bodyclock
  • allows us to reach our goals and dreams
  • is aligned with our personality

If what you’re doing right now isn’t fulfilling or making you happy, maybe it’s time to look at doing something differently. 

Speak again soon, 


Mark Villarosa - Online Business Mentor & Coach

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