What we can learn from ‘The Matrix’

You’ve probably seen The Matrix? 

If you have, you’ll also remember this scene where Keanu Reeves looks up at a sign above a doorway…

The Matrix

Before he could become the “One” and claim his incredible powers, he had to first understand and know his purpose. 

Yes, I’m a movie geek

 But seriously, I believe we all have a purpose and a life’s calling… 

And if we’re able to discover, accept and harness it, will allow us to live our lives more happily, productively and with excitement knowing were doing what we were meant to do. 

They say money and success don’t chase hard work…they chase passion. 

If that’s true? then it’s definitely worth knowing what lights you up inside and seeing whether it can be transformed into something meaningful that could also benefit others. 

I wrote something about this in an earlier blog post, I’d like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Identifying Your Life’s Calling and Learning How to Set-Up Your Own Business

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