3 things I love about Lighthouses…and how it can help you✊

I’ve always had a fascination for Lighthouses. I love how regal and noble they look perched on top of cliffs helping guide ships to safety.

When I visited Plymouth recently, seeing this particular Lighthouse made me think about some of the qualities I love and admire about them that could also be implemented into our lives. 

Here are 3 things I find really cool about Lighthouses & how to use them to make Life Awesome✊ 

1) A Lighthouse stands strong and immovable even in the face of gales and storms 

When we know what our core values are, it’s easier to stand firm, resolute, centred and at peace with ourselves. 

The world and the people around us could be running around frantically but if we know what we stand for and what we believe in, it gives us natural stability, calm and a sense of security that is unshakeable. 

2) Lighthouses are silent yet powerful, admired & looked up to 

We don’t need to shout about our goals and achievements. If we just stay diligent and true to our life’s purpose and love the work we do, the undeniable evidence of our results will shine brightly and speak louder for themselves than we ever could. 

3) Lighthouses are majestic because they’re positioned high but are also sturdy and firmly rooted to the ground 

Stay humble and down to earth and proud of who you are. Honour your purpose by recognising your life’s passion and then live your life in direct alignment➡️with it. 

I believe there’s no greater reward in life than knowing what your purpose is and living it in a way that benefits you and others around you. 

I hope my Lighthouse experience has inspired you as much as it inspired me! 

Speak again soon, 


Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

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