It’s my Birthday today : ) πŸŽ‚

It’s a bit of a tradition that Filipinos practice where the birthday celebrant is the one who treats others!  

So, I want to honour that tradition and give you something today.

As you may already know, I love writing and playing music. I recorded and released a very special album some time ago called ‘ A Man Who Dreams Awake’ and I’m very proud of it, it’s my life’s pride and joy to date. 

I’d like you to have it as a gift πŸŽ from me todayπŸ™

If you click the album cover image below it will take you to a site called ‘Bandcamp’ where my album is hosted, then simply…

 1) Click on ‘Buy Digital Album

2) in the currency section put “0.00

3) At the bottom, click the blue link ‘download to your computer’ or ‘download this content for free’.

And the album will be sent to your phone or computer! 

Click here πŸ‘‡ to go to my album

A Man Who Dreams Awake EP

I hope you enjoy one or all of the songs! and if you do, then it would make me very happy that you’re enjoying my music todayπŸ™ 

Take care & speak again soon. I’m off to make a cheeky latte as my first birthday treat to myself! πŸ˜„πŸ‘ β˜•οΈοΈ


Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

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