If you have this in your life?…you’re ALREADY wealthy

I had a GREAT lockdown birthday weekend : )…

My partner spoiled me rotten making me my favourite cocktails (‘old fashioned’❤🥃), cakes (chocolate), card, gifts and meal after meal of amazing dishes my waistline will never forgive me for.

This particular birthday has become unexpectedly more special, because of the pandemic.

It’s allowed me to see the things that REALLY matter in life.

It’s made me live each day as if it were my last…

Reconcile with relatives I’ve fallen out with…

Tell my loved ones & family I love them MORE than ever…

And share my time and energy freely with those that really need my help (something I never used to do naturally)…

And you know what? I feel richer for it.

I’ve learned that the real wealth in this world are the connections we have in our lives with the people we love and who love us. That’s the kind of wealth worth fighting for…even dying for.

My partner had a really tough time recently battling cancer. Her surgery also happened during Lockdown adding more challenges to an already difficult situation for us.

But as you can see she made it through and is now happily celebrating my birthday 🎂 with me.

She looks like she’s enjoying my birthday even more than me😄

I’m v happy she’s recovering amazingly well. The experience has brought us even closer and given us a profound and deep respect for each other.

The pandemic has been terrible in many ways, but if you look for them…its also brought many gifts, we may just have to look closely to notice them : )

Wishing you strength, good health and lots of love in your life too✊❤🙏

I’m off to enjoy an extra day off…my birthday treat to myself 😄


Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

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