A POWERFUL💪’Trick’ to make your Dreams come true

Here’s a very powerful and fun ‘trick’ I want to share with you…to accelerate you towards your dreams and goals in life. 

The trick is this… First, I’d like you to visualise a dream or goal you have in the future…for example, let’s say it’s having more time, freedom and money to do the things you really love in life. Got it in mind?  

Ok, now use your imagination to answer this mental checklist I made for you, it looks something like this… 

When you imagine your ideal future self already living that life, think about…

  • What daily habits/rituals does your future self practice?
  • What is your future self’s attitude to life?
  • How does your future self deal with stress & challenges?
  • What kind of books is your future self reading?
  • What kind of relationships does your future self have with their family & loved ones?
  • What kind of friendships & connections is your future self nurturing?
  • What kind of skills does your future self have?

After you’ve imagined the answers to all the above, the ‘trick’ is simply to… 

Start being that person now. 

The person you are in your ideal future…and who you are now…are the same, only separated by time.

You’re just putting yourself on the best path by adopting the habits and mindsets your future self already has, to make sure you get you there😊 

Achieving the successes we dream of in the future starts today with every action and decision we make. 

Think of your checklist as your own personal ‘GPS’ guidance system, helping you to know if you’re making the right decisions and actions that are either steering you towards or away from your dreams and goals. 

I hope this ‘trick’ helps you out  ; ) it’s certainly helped me prioritise what’s important in my life and stay firmly on course towards my dreams. 


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