Start your DREAM business in 2022

With 2022 and a new year upon us, it’s an opportunity for new beginnings and positive changes to happen.  

If one of the changes you’ve been aspiring to, is to create additional income to boost your salary, or, to start a business that can generate enough income so you can have time and freedom to do the things you really love in life…. 

Then I have a ‘sequence’ I want to share with you, that I hope will help.

I’m gonna try to keep this short, as I want you to get the benefit from it asap (without zoning out!😄)

1. The first step, is to pick a ‘NICHE’ 

A niche could be a particular industry (health & fitness, personal development, photography, musical instruments/software etc).

It could be anything, but it’s probably best you start with something you genuinely have an interest in, a talent or even a passion for. 

The idea is, if you are interested in this niche, it’s highly likely there are many (potential customers), who are too! 

I’m sure there’s at least one niche that comes to mind right? : )

2. Set up your online foundation* 

These are things that will help give you visibility and credibility online, such as, a website, landing pages, email autoresponders (for customer inquiries) etc 

*These are all provided step by step in the ‘online business from scratch‘ training btw, but more on that later!

3. Become an ‘affiliate marketer*’ for your chosen niche 

(*There are many online business models, this is just one example) 

An affiliate marketer, is someone who promotes other companies established products and services. 

So, the idea is to find companies (and there will be many!) within your niche that offer affiliate opportunities. You’ll usually see this at the foot or bottom of their website.  

There are mainly 2 types of ‘affiliate payments’

  • One-off payment/commission
  • Recurring subscription-based commission

If you can find a company that offers both? even better. 

Here are some examples to show you the difference between them… 

➡️One-off payment/commission: if you sold one product, you would get paid £50 commission. 

➡️Recurring subscription-based commission: if you sold a monthly subscription worth £50 per month, and you get paid £10 every month  

Can you see how having both income-generating opportunities building alongside each other, could get very exciting?

4. Promote yourself & advertise 

The best way to do this, is to focus, and pick one platform, and really learn to get good at it. 

Some of these platforms include, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google. 

The basic concept is you’re able to target millions of people, all over the world every day, who are online on these platforms looking for the product and service you provide, or who fit the criteria of a typical customer in your chosen niche. 

So, for example, If you were promoting a digital camera for travel lovers, your targeting ‘criteria’ and keywords could include things like, 

Men & Women, 18-40 years old, based in the UK & US, with interests in travel photography, outdoor photography, street photography, adventure travel 

And in one month, if you were to make,

  • 10 digital camera sales @ £50 commission each, then that’s £500 for you
  • And if you also sold 10 monthly digital photography memberships @ £10 commission each? then that’s an additional £100 for you

This is just an example, but it’s based on a formula a lot of people are already using (me included), allowing them to earn money online from things they’re genuinely enthusiastic about, and in any niche that interests them. 

Even if you already have a job or existing business, you can start building an online business like this, alongside what you’re presently doing, to add to your income and wealth generation activities.

So what do you think, is this something you’d like to look into some more? 

Here’s a direct link to get you started with the training. 

Or you can just click the image below👇

Hope to see you on the other side and I look forward to supporting you if you choose to get started in building your dream online business. 

Make 2022 your BEST YEAR yet!


Mark Villarosa

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