It’s my birthday today : )

Today is my birthday and it’s the big 5-0 for me.

Feels strange to say it (I’m half a century😅) but also exciting at the same time.

There’s so much I’ve lived through, lessons learned, experience & wisdom gained, which I now feel is also my duty to share and pass onto others as gifts.

One of them, is my music.

It’s become a yearly tradition, to give away my music on my birthday.

I would love for you to have my songs, for free.

And it would make me very happy on this day, to know you’re listening to them, and hopefully enjoying them.

▶️Just click the Album Cover below
▶️Click on ‘Buy Digital Album’
▶️Put £0.0
▶️’download to your computer’

Have a great day today! I sure will. I think I’ll have some cake 😀

A Man Who Dreams Awake EP

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