Compete ONLY with THIS person

I used to struggle with the idea of competition.

I was constantly judging and comparing myself with others and how far ahead they seemed to be.

It drove me mad, esp since I’m highly competitive in nature.

I learned that the only way to preserve my sanity was to stop looking outward and turn my focus inward.

The simple answer was to compete with only one person: myself.

Instead of agonising over how I could be better than the next person, I started asking different questions…

💪How could I be better than I was yesterday?
💪What could I do to be healthier, stronger, wiser, kinder, happier, nobler & free in myself?
💪Is what I’m doing right now leading me in the direction of my goals, or away from them?

The results were quite dramatic, and definitely more self-fulfiling.

There is only one you…no one else’s journey will be exactly the same as yours.

So it makes sense to excel in a way that fits you, and you alone.

And that means never judging yourself by other people’s standards.

Speak again soon. Gonna try to beat my 6 rounds🥊record!😄

Mark Villarosa

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