Face Your Fears…

Dropped into my local open mic venue and played a few of my songs🎸Great to be out again playing live❤️‍🔥😊

Since COVID happened & lockdown, I’ve been experiencing a lot of social anxiety🙁and found it hard to get back to ‘normal’ again. It’s taken some time.

This performance was a real big step for me, and I’m glad I did it. I proved to myself I could face my fears and overcome them✊🏼

So, whatever it is that you fear or worry about, CAN be overcome, but you have to square up and not shy away from the challenge of moving past it.

Freedom is also in having the choice to face our fears.

Better days are always ahead, sometimes we just have to brace ourselves as we move through tough times. So hang in there.

Mark Villarosa
Mark Villarosa, Music Artist & Online Entrepreneur

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