Why PROFITS are better than wages

Ever heard of the saying ‘profits are better than wages‘? 

Wages can only take you so far and employers and companies will only pay you what they decide you’re worth. 

Even in sales (my background for 20 years) where there’s allegedly no ceiling on what you can earn, a boss can still set limitations and cap your commissions if they feel you’re earning too much (or more than them!). 

Profits, however, are controlled by you and owned by you. 

A mentor of mine, Stuart Ross taught me that knowing how to create your own streams of income and profits will always be better than trading your time to earn wages from a boss.

You do have to have something you can sell or offer, whether it is an idea, a service or a product. The gain comes in finally achieving the sale, not in the hours it took to accomplish the task. 

And once you know how to use ‘automation’ you can let technology do the heavy lifting and work to generate money for you 24/7 passively.

There are more and more regular people all over the world learning how to sell items, products and services online while also working their job. 

Eventually, they’ll make more than their current job and will be able to quit to enjoy life more, while their online business keeps running on automation!

If you’re still following my emails because you have an interest in doing this for yourself?

Watch this 👉 video of my mentor Stuart, he’ll explain how it’s possible, how people are already doing it now, and also give you 6 steps you can start putting into action immediately.

Let me know what you think!…

Mark Villarosa
Mark Villarosa

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