This is why you need to BREATHE…

A lot of our anxiety, nervousness, doubt and fear can be instantly reduced by doing one thing…


I know that might sound silly, but next time you find yourself in a tough, confrontational or uncomfortable situation, notice your breathing.

I bet you’re either breathing too fast or even, not breathing at ALL!

This happened to me recently at a business meeting, the atmosphere was getting a bit tense, without realising it, I noticed, I was holding my breath!

As soon as I realised it, I let go, started breathing, and felt my power return, and my ability to speak😅Suffice to say, the meeting ended well.

Be mindful of your breathing (or lack of it), train yourself to recognise when you’re stressed, and instantly activate a regular, smooth and calm breathing pattern. 

It will help you a lot in business, in life, and even in your relationships, I promise you.

Breathing is your life force, and where your power is, to endure, and overcome.

Mark Villarosa
Mark Villarosa - Online Business Mentor & Coach

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