The #1 secret to being happy (that people forget)…

Hey, if you don’t realise it yet?…you will hopefully realise it someday –  

That happiness was never about your job or your degree, or being in a relationship.

Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of those who came before you, and it was never about becoming like someone you really admired. 

Happiness was always about discovery, the journey, the adventure and the hope that you would make it.  

It was about spending time with the people you love, it was about listening to your heart, and the feeling of joy doing something you believed in when you followed it. 

Happiness was about embracing the person you were becoming and evolving into. 

Happiness was about learning to forgive and live with yourself, through thick and thin, and realising your happiness was never in the hands of other people. 

It was always about you. It was always in your hands. 

Do you agree?…

Mark Villarosa - Freedom To Be

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